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The photography projects we are involved with sure do vary. We have shot everything from corporate portraits in office and professional spaces to courtroom evidence images, commissioned photo murals, social media profile pictures, and corporate and community events. Our photography team is led by St. Paul Photographer, Davin Brandt, and encompasses a balance of technical and creative eyes.

Below are several of the photo services we offer our clients.  Feel free to contact us for references and sample images.

creative photography

 Providing diverse technical photos of site inspections, accident location, product liability documentation, moisture intrusion documenting, and a whole host of other areas of interest for law firms and insurance companies.

ęBig Idea - corporate portrait photography

Corporate Portrait photography

Getting those professional shots of your staff, board of directors, and leadership in action fall under this category. This is typically all done on location in your environment.

ęBig Idea - event photography
ęBig Idea - event photography

Documenting fund-raising events, conferences, corporate parties, city parades and government functions are just some of the events in our portfolio.

Corporate Event Photography

ęBig Idea - eventt photography

Our clients have include musicians, motivational speakers, and even a couple auctioneers.  We provide everything from social & website marketing to CD/album covers.

Entertainment Photography

ęBig Idea - location photography Hazeltine golf course

Professional Environment

This encompass much of what a business would use on a website, social media, brochures, and other various print collateral and/or marketing signs.

ęBig Idea - advertising and marketing photography
ęBig Idea - product photography
ęBig Idea - product photography

From the technical to the creative our cameras capture the essence of products both in there working environment and in a studio setting.

Product Photography

ęBig Idea - entertainment photography Billy McLaughlin
ęBig Idea - product liability photography
ęBig Idea -accident photography
ęBig Idea -commissioned photography - Ramsy Co. court house
ęBig Idea - fine art photography

Legal Photography

ęBig Idea - entertainment photography

 Our clients include corporations, government agencies, law firms, schools, churches and plenty of small businesses.  We shine in complete fulfillment, from concept to installation.

Commissioned Photography

"Davin's work is outstanding! Having spent an entire day on the water with him filming for my professional guide service he was able to capture shots and the spirit of my fishing like I have never seen. I was completely blown away with what he was able to see in my craft.

Paul Hansen - professional fly fishing guide and adventure angler.

"I reached out to Big Idea several years back regarding a new fundraiser that our legal aid organization (SMRLS) wanted to launch in Minneapolis at the Lowes Hotel that catered to the corporate community. I just had a shell of an idea and they ran with it - the end result was simply amazing. It was so amazing that I have since made several recommendations to other businesses."
The icing on the cake was Davin's remarkable professionalism and contagious spirit!

Kathie, SMRLS Director of Development

"Davin and his team at Big Idea not only delivered quality on impossible deadlines, they were also professional and very easy to work with. Davin listens to find out your business goals and helps determine how to achieve the desired results."

Ruth - Hazeltine National Golf Club

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Clinical photographer
Clinical photographer

 Experience with on site clinical and product testing photography spanning from group model testing to closeup tecnical documention and grading scales. 

Clinical/Technical Photography

St. Paul MN