Construction and "site" signs are visible everywhere these days, most commonly seen are the commercial "for lease" signs on just about every corner.  Here at Big Idea we have 4 great substrates (sign boards) to select from.  We also provide a variety of specialty materials for those unique sign situations.

Alumalite is a strong, aluminum composite panel with a high density, corrugated polyallomer (CPA) core that will not swell, corrode, rot, wick water, or delaminate even under prolonged water exposure.  All boards have factory baked polyester painted aluminum faces adding high gloss brilliance and rigidity. Warranted not to crack, chip, flake or peel. Colorfast 10-year limited warranty.  Our boards have been field tested through extensive freeze/thaw cycling tests with no significant structural panel failure.  In short these sign boards are ideal for all site and construction signage.

Dibond is an aluminum composite material (ACM) made of two pre-painted sheets of .012" aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Dibond is masked on both sides and is the flattest panel on the market. The boards won't bow or oil can and have excellent outdoor durability though must have a backer board if mounting between two posts

Coroplast is a great material of choice for mass screen printed signs or for the "econo" route. Coroplast is ideal for outdoor applications. It is tougher than corrugated fiberboard and lighter than extruded plastic sheet. It is also waterproof and stain-resistant. All Coroplast stock sheets are electrostatically double treated by "Corona Discharge" on both sides to allow specifically formulated inks and adhesives to adhere, great for our digital print and vinyl processes.

MDO is a type of plywood with a weather-resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure. Available in standard white single or double sided or can be custom painted to match specifications. Paint finishes on MDO are up to three times more durable than the same finish applied to ordinary plywood. In many instances, overlaid MDO plywood has proven a more durable sign material than metal. MDO plywood is also resistant to the elements with no danger of rust or corrosion.

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